Curtiss Zeus Electric Concept Prototype Unveiled At The Quail Motorcycle Gathering In California

Before a crowd of motorcycle enthusiasts and media at The Quail Motorcycle Gathering in Carmel, California, Curtiss Motorcycles unveiled its vision for a new golden age of American motorcycling – one based on sustainability, minimalism, and fun.

The company, named for legendary motorcycle and aviation pioneer Glenn Curtiss, pulled the cover off its striking, and highly anticipated electric concept prototype, called Zeus.

“Zeus introduces a fresh, all-new design DNA that will define every Curtiss motorcycle moving forward,” said Curtiss Design Director, Jordan Cornille. “This minimalist, pure, organic brand language has been carefully developed over the last several years, and foreshadows an entire family of Curtiss products to come.”

The Curtiss Zeus Concept Prototype features a 14.4kWh lithium-ion battery pack, powering the world’s first E-Twin power unit – a set of two high-output electric motors driving a common output shaft.

According to the company, Zeus represents the first of many all-electric American hot rod motorcycles the company plans to introduce over the next several years.

Because the prototype is still in development, detailed specifications and pricing have not yet been released.

[source: Curtiss Motorcycles]

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