Duke Students Break Guinness World Record for Fuel Efficiency

Duke Engineering is now the official home of the most fuel-efficient vehicle in history, a hydrogen fuel cell car that gets the equivalent of 14,573 miles per gallon. Duke Electric Vehicles (DEV’s) record-breaking run took place on July 21 at Galot Motorsports in Benson, North Carolina.

Guinness World Records has confirmed that the attempt to set a new record for fuel efficiency was successful. DEV bested the old record set by ETH Zurich, which stood for 13 years.

Engineers from NC State University and North Carolina A&T State University judged the attempt, measuring total hydrogen consumption, total distance traveled, and total time of the run, and ensuring the car traveled at a minimum average speed of 15 mph. The efficiency score was computed based on total distance traveled divided by total hydrogen consumption.

To set the new world record, the car traveled eight and a half miles of track and used less than one gram of pure hydrogen.